​VITAMIN B12: B12 is important to keep the brain and nervous system functioning normally and for the formation of red blood cells. Necessary for the synthesis and regulation of DNA, B12 is involved in cellular metabolism and energy production. Certain medications and health conditions can cause B12 deficiency. Even in patients with adequate B12 levels, supplemental injections often provide feelings of increased energy and vitality. We offer hydroxycobalamin and methylcobalamin, both forms of B12. While more expensive, methylcobalamin is the most natural form of B12 and maintains a higher level of bioavailable B12 in the body.

​Hydroxycobalamin - $5 per injection or $39 for a package of 12 injections

​Methylcobalamin - $15 per injection or $99 for a package of 12 injections

​Lipotropic "Fat Burner" Injections: The lipotropic injections are compounded supplements that contain a combination of vitamins and other nutrients designed to help the body efficiently metabolize fat. In the context of proper diet and exercise, these supplements can help optimize weight loss results.* Patients who receive weekly lipotropic injections often report increased energy, improved endurance with their workouts, and better overall results from their weight loss efforts.

​Lipo B - Cyanocobalamin (B12) + amino acids methionine, inositol, and choline - $10 per injection or Buy 3, Get One Free

​Lipoplex - Cyanocobalamin (B12) + MIC + dexpanthenol (B5) + pyridoxine (B6) + hydroxycobalamin (long-acting B12); $15 per injection or Buy 3, Get One Free

​Lipo BC Tabs: An oral lipotropic supplement containing B complex and the 3 nutrients choline, inositol, and biotin designed to help the body efficiently metabolize fat.* Lipo BC Tabs also contain vitamin C, vitamin D3, folate, calcium, and PABA. The oral supplement can be used in addition to weekly injections or lieu of injections for patients who prefer not to receive shots. $15 per bottle of 60 tabs (one month supply).

​Lipotropic Complex: Lipotropic Complex provides comprehensive transmethylation support for the liver by combining phytonutrients and bile salts.* Choline, methionine, and silymarin from milk thistle act as methyl donors in hepatic transmethylation reactions.* Vitamins B6, B12, and folate are required as cofactors for these conversions. In addition, Lipotropic Complex contains botanical cholagogues, such as dandelion, fringe tree, greater celandine, beet, and radish, as well as ox bile and inositol to promote healthy bile flow.*
Comprehensive liver support* Contains milk thistle standardized to 40% silymarin
Improves fat digestion and liver function.* $20 per bottle of 90 tabs (one month supply).

Capsiate Gold: A dietary supplement containing the ingredient "dihydrocapsiate", a compound naturally found in CH-19 Sweet peppers. This compound helps burn more calories by increasing metabolism. Capsiate Gold has also been shown to decrease abdominal fat.* Patients report little or no side effects. This supplement does not require a prescription but is currently available only in select physician's offices and pharmacies. Read more about this exciting new weight loss aid at the manufacturer's website: www.capsiategold.com. $75 per bottle of 90 tabs (one month supply).